“Mirrors”: Leila Goldkuhl by Melissa Harrison for Elléments Magazine March 2013 

If I could dream up my ideal man, he’d be a lot like you

When Marie Antoinette and her family were imprisoned at the Tuileries during the first thrust of the French Revolution, Fersen was instrumental in plotting their escape. He borrowed large sums of money and even mortgaged his house to help them flee, and he never did pay it back in full ; nor did the escape work. The party was apprehended in the town of Varennes, miles from the Austrian border.
Fersen outlived his lover by nearly 20 years. On June 20, 1810, he was beaten to death by a Stockholm mob for his suspected involvement in the crown prince’s death.
In a letter he wrote to his sister, Fersen explained that he would never marry because the woman he loved was taken.

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